Rich Chigga's career began as a meme with his viral fanny pack-wearing "Dat $tick" video and goofy videos about vape tricks and how to microwave breadHe's been clear that he takes his music seriously, however, and wants to be taken seriously as well.

Chigga's surprisingly gorgeous self-produced "Glow Like Dat" single is his best case yet to be taken seriously as a musician, and this weekend he lifted the veil to show how he made the beat—breaking down the production process step-by-step.

Even in the relatively serious setting, though, he still takes the chance to get off a couple jokes (shout out Complex Sneaker Shopping) and cuddle with a puppy. Having range like this should go a long way in setting him up for a sustainable career that outlasts his viral "Dat $tick" moment.

Watch the video above and continue for his thoughts on America, fidget spinners, YouTubers, and more.

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