Partnering with Adidas for his own sneaker, inspired by neighborhood corner stores, Pusha T shared a short film called Bodega Babies Thursday afternoon.

Shining a light on the cultural significance of these corner stores in American cities, the short film is soundtracked by a new song from Push that finds him rapping: "Black child born in the storm / They had to bundle up to stay warm / Bodega babies."

"The Bodega, a place for growth and evolution in all senses; where people buy their groceries, hang outside at night, and gain respect from peers," the film's description reads.

It's a small sample, but it's nice to finally hear some new music from Push. He's been relatively quiet since releasing his 2015 album, King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, focusing much of his time on politics and other projects like Kanye West's next album.

Sitting down with Pharrell in April, he did say his next project is in the works, though: "I'm working on my album right now, it's entitled King Push. I just left Pharrell yesterday, so I'm just waiting on him to give me these last couple heatrocks." Pharrell added that the sound of the album is "something gargoyle-ish."

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