It wasn't all that long ago that Ottawa's finest, Night Lovell, released the Blank Body-produced "RIP Trust." It seems he isn't wanting to keep us waiting as long for a new song this time around, though, as he's already back with yet another new song. Produced by Cian P, "Jamie's Sin" sees Lovell going dark similar to some of his best early material. The beat is booming, haunting, and simple in the best way, with Lovell's deep vocals fitting it perfectly.

To go alongside the new song, Lovell has released a simple but very appropriate video for the song. Split into two parts, the video sees Lovell embodying the mood of the track, slowly drifting through a field. The ending is a bit of a shock when it arrives, but does a lot to establish the mood of the slow video. 

With the time between these new songs being a little shorter, here's hoping this is leading up to something a bit bigger from Lovell. It's been a while since he released last year's Red Teenage Melody, so it's doubtful we'll be without a new Lovell project for too long. Regardless, it looks like Lovell's due to have a fantastic 2018, or he's going to close out 2017 in a big way.

Watch the video for "Jamie's Sin" above.

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