Establishing your brand and amplifying your voice through social media can be a difficult nut to crack—knowing where to begin and how to turn heads is all part of using your socials to your advantage.

For the seventh installment of “P&P Pro Tips,” a series that taps into the well of industry knowledge from executives and artists, No Wyld founder Mo Kheir shares some tips on putting one foot forward when it comes to making a name for yourself online.

“Regardless of what medium it is, it’s all about using the social networks that are the most popular to sell whatever you’re selling,” says Kheir, who also works with New Zealand fashion brand I Love Ugly. “You really have to use all the tools at hand and understand that each of these social media networks or whatever it is have a certain tone that you’re supposed to push through it, a certain way of pushing imagery and content and you can’t push the same idea or imagery through each one.”

What it all boils down to, he says, is being who you are both online and off. “I think when you start putting out something that’s truly authentic, in our day and age, people just want authenticity. They don’t want fancy videos and you showing off. They want you to be absolutely authentic. Just to feed your fans information and open up to them and constantly provide high-quality content. Which doesn’t mean high-quality footage. The more you can express, the better.”

Pointing to Odd Future and Tyler, The Creator as inspirations for how they branded themselves from the start, Kheir suggests looking to others if you can’t manage to brand yourself. “If you want to run your own social media, you should,” he says. “If you don’t want to, you should get someone who understands who you are, what your voice is, to speak on your behalf.”

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