Over the last couple years, Adult Swim's Rick and Morty has grown from a quiet stoner favorite to one of the most popular shows on TV. And now it's starting to make waves outside of television.

In the new "Rest And Ricklaxation" episode, Rick and Morty come across a song called "Terryfold" on the radio that they both enjoy, and the track plays again during the closing credits. A collaboration with the show's creator Justin Roiland and a duo from Seattle called Chaos Chaos, the song is just as ridiculous as everything else that happens on Rick and Morty. It's mainly just Roiland singing about "foldy flaps." But, somehow, it's also ridiculously catchy.

So many people streamed it (1.1 million) and downloaded it (1,000), that the song actually charted on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs Chart this week. Apparently, the song is already getting support from radio stations as it picks up buzz. You can hear the song in all its glory above.

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