Rising star Pollàri has been going crazy with new music this year, dropping the lil llàri galaxy project as well as lots of SoundCloud one-offs and a debut tape from collaborative project WAY. Today, though, he's going back to a song from 2016, "llàrKelly," which was subsequently remixed by Lil Yachty and now has a colorful video directed by Cole Bennett.

"'llàrKelly' is my biggest song to date," Pollàri says. "Recorded the first month I moved to LA from Atlanta while working on my debut EP, lil llari world. My first solo song to hit a million plays. Adam22 of No Jumper came to one of my underground shows last year and recorded me performing it for the first time ever. That same show was literally the same show I met the A&R who changed my life after only about 2 weeks of the song being out. Its my favorite song by myself, and my fans probably agree."

Pollàri also provides some background for the video. "We shot it in Plano, IL, the hometown of Cole Bennett, a real close friend of mine and probably the hottest videographer out right now," he explains. "The video was just too special to us. Me and Cole only work on my biggest songs, like "Calling Me" and "Lil Elroy Jetson" but with this one being the biggest, and having the best story, we wanted it to feel authentic all the way around. We shot it on roads he grew up on, with friends he grew up with, with mine and his ideas and vision both equally put into every second."​

"From the roses, to the drop top, to the $4,000 dollar Balmain, Supreme and Bape fit I wore in the video, this visual is perfectly me, and perfectly us. This is for the fans, to let them know we did it. Chapter one was successful. Now here's the big reward!"

Watch the video above and check out Pollàri's latest project below. Read our interview with Cole Bennett here.

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