Oyinda emerged in 2014 with consistently impressive singles that paired her captivating vocals with adventurous production, ranging from sweeping strings to sparse electronic production. Those were collected in the Before The Fall EP, and in 2016 she released the five-track Restless Minds project, which includes the song "Flatline." 

Today, the Nigerian-born, London-raised, and currently New York-based creator is releasing three remixes of her songs, paired with engrossing, interactive 3D videos made with visual artists Pussykrew. Empress Of, Ramzoid, and Canteen Killa all remixed different songs, and Canadian producer Ramzoid's take is premiering above.

"I wanted to expand the world Pussykrew and I created in the 'Serpentine' video," Oyinda explains. "Each environment encapsulates the mood of the remix, and the 360° component allows viewers to fully immerse themselves within it. That’s something I’ve always hoped my music can do for listeners, and with these 360° videos I can make that a reality."

On how she discovered Ramzoid for this project, she adds, "It was serendipitous. I was watching TV really late one night (probably Adult Swim), and Ghost in the Shell’s new movie trailer for the anime came on. I’ve loved the film for years, and his song 'Grasslands' was playing in the background."

Experience Oyinda's new video above, and look out the other two remix videos, which are coming soon.

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