London producer Last Japan has some of the iciest music out there, sparkling, sinister tracks that stand up on their own or hit hard with an MC rapping on them. Last year's "Ascend" with AJ Tracey was a monster and previous tracks with the likes of Trim and D Double E prove that some of the UK's most talented MCs want to work with Last Japan. 

His latest collaboration is "Exhale," with veteran MC Killa P, and it's heavy. "I wanted to create a track with tension and suspense by using melodies that evoke the feeling that something's about to happen. Synthesised breathing adding to the claustrophobia. I first played this track for Killa P when he did our CR001 Showcase with NTS and he murdered it, so it was only right we linked up again and put this down properly in the studio." 

"Exhale" is out as part of a two track release on Last Japan's Circadian Rhythms label on October 2. Pre-order here.