Fans of HBO's 'Insecure,' Childish Gambino, The Internet, and Isaiah Rashad are more than likely already familiar with the name Kari Faux—and the combination of these fan pools aren't small. So in other words, you should all know Kari Faux by now. However, if you're still unfamiliar, today she's offering up quite the presentation to her sound and personality with the release of her Primary EP.

Last year, Faux released a project titled Lost En Los Angeles. The title alone alludes to the need to return home to hit the restart button, and that’s exactly what she did. Referring to her latest body of work as an “audio timestamp,” it’s clear to see each project and title draws from pivotal times in her life.

On Primary, Faux reveals the need to go “back to the basics.” As a child, when things were simpler and only hues of red, yellow, and blue mattered, the world seemed more open to possibilities as it fed our imagination and allowed the creativity to transform these three simple primary colors into something bigger. “I felt like I was being reintroduced to myself during the process," says Faux. "Remembering the kind of things I was into growing up and how they molded me as an artist.” After a world of experiences and varying influences, Faux took a step back for a fresh start.

Returning to her parents home in Little Rock, Arkansas, Faux recorded, mix, and mastered her entire project—something she’d never done before—with the hopes of perfecting her own craft. “Being back home definitely impacted my sound,” Faux explains. “I was very confident and comfortable in the music that was made because I was in my room alone or in Atlanta with Matt [Martians, of The Internet]. I wasn't worried about what everyone else was making or trying to emulate a popular sound. I just did/said what felt natural to me.”

Listen to Primary below, and get tickets to see her join Syd for the East Coast leg of her tour.

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