Earlier this year, 23-year-old Dontaé offered up a proper introduction with the release of his debut project Fair Warning. A few months later, the Long Island rapper returns today with a new track titled "Motivation" that feels like a little more than a warning sign—telling others to either keep up or get out of his way.

No matter how passionate we may be about pursuing our goals, every once in a while it's normal to feel a noticeable dip in confidence. When that happens, the need for a motivational push becomes crucial. This new track from Dontaé evolved out of his own need to be re-inspired and features booming production crafted to give any listener the jolt of energy they need to start making things happen. 

Dontaé explains the inspiration for his latest single "Motivation" came from "a culmination of my emotions since I transitioned into making music. How my peers perceived me, how my family perceived me—whether it was doubt or being skeptical if I was serious about doing this." With so much doubt surrounding you, it can be hard to focus on the goals at hand, but this bass-heavy single provides just the right amount of energy to help listeners push past the negativity.

Listen to "Motivation" below.