Much of the appeal of Brockhampton is how open and honest they are with their fans.

Opening up about their fears and insecurities on introspective songs like "MILK" and sharing deep thoughts on social media, there's never a sense that these guys are holding anything back from their fans. With that in mind, they started a new series of raw and unedited interviews featuring different members of the group.

The first episode was uploaded late Wednesday night and features Kevin Abstract alongside webmaster Robert Ontenient (who you might know as "Roberto" from their series of Saturation music videos).

Discussing a range of topics including the goals, fears, love, and what animals they want to be reincarnated as. Currently on tour, Abstract mentioned, "The most important thing I've learned so far from Jennifer's tour is to always tell your friends that you love them."

Then Abstract finished the video by recommending that we all go listen to "In Circles" by Sunny Day Real Estate​. You can hear that here.

Watch the clip above and continue to learn more about each member of the group in the video below.