Every Monday, we ask for submissions on Twitter, and the Pigeons & Planes team sits together and spends an hour or so pressing play on whatever comes across the timeline. It's fun, but to be honest not a lot of good new stuff comes from it. There are a lot of artists who sound like other artists, a lot of potential that needs work, and a lot of total shit. But every now and then, we'll find a gem.

To call "FIGHTRACISTSWITHHANDS" a gem is misleading because it's raw as fuck, but out of all the submissions we've received in recent history, it definitely elicited the strongest reaction. This isn't for everyone, but I personally think it's awesome and haven't stopped going back to it since I first heard it. It's visceral, aggressive, and powerful.

"We made this song after listening to a lot of other loud punk and aggro-rap," producer Christian Something says of the song. "Corpus I by Show Me The Body was a big inspiration at the time. I personally wasn’t too sure the song was good because it just starts without any warning, there is literally no mixing, and I put distortion on basically every track. We posted a snippet on Instagram and a lot of people liked it."

"BLVCKPUNX has been the most authentic project I've ever worked on," vocalist Jafar Flowers adds. "Christian and I made this as a response to anti-blackness in our city, all in about a day or two. As the vocalist for the first EP, all of my lyrics were raw and unprepared- the product was nuanced black expression. Hearing it played back, it sounds disturbing, it sounds angry, it sounds hurt, it sounds ready to fight—just how life is for me as a black person."


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