We've all been there. It's a boring weekday afternoon and you feel the need to catch up on the life of Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne. So, you fire up Google and sift through the latest news from the queen of punk pop.

But, according to antivirus company McAfee, you're putting yourself at risk. In their 11th annual "McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities Study," the company listed Lavigne as the artist most likely to generate dangerous search results, putting you and your computer at risk.

Apparently, between a vicious conspiracy theory about whether she's actually alive or not and the promise of new music in late 2016, cybercriminals have laced Avril Lavigne websites with malware at a higher rate than any other celebrity on the internet. Also on the list is Bruno Mars at number two, Carlie Rae Jepsen at number three, Zayn Malik at number four, and Celine Dion at number five.

Maybe this is another clue that someone is doing whatever that can to cover up the fact that Lavigne actually died in 2003?! Wake up, sheeple. More details below.

See the full list of McAfee's most dangerous celebrities below.


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