When it comes to off-kilter pop music blending accessible sounds with more experimental aspects, few labels have a pedigree as fantastic as L.A.'s Zoom Lens. Ambient pop artist Yeule, who's based in London and Singapore, is readying the release of her first EP on the label since 2014. Her ghostly sound sits somewhere between celestial pop and gorgeous ambience, and the first single from her upcoming EP, Coma, does an excellent job of showcasing this.

"I Saw You In My Dreams Last Night" is borderline heavenly with its bright sounds and floating atmospherics, somehow sounding gentle and loud at the same time. Speaking about the track over email, Yeule explained, "When I'm in a really dark place I think that's when I'm closest to myself. That's when nothing makes sense and really, I've only got me in my own head talking to me. This track is about my dreams. Ever since I learned how to lucid dream it's affected me in reality."

Speaking about the dreamlike states that influenced the creation of the track, she said, "I would sleep for days, or I would purposely recreate someone who's not here anymore to come talk to me in this world. I don't know how to react to my subconscious manifesting these worlds. Although, I do think it's damaging to my psyche. Because when I wake up, I feel this aching pain in my heart. I stopped trying to control my dreams ever since I saw something really painful. It was really not a pretty view. Well, at least now I'm more of a 'I'll see you when I see you' kind of person?"

Listen to the premiere of the song below, and pre-order the EP ahead of its September 27 release here.

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