Good news for music fans: MF DOOM is back. Earlier this month Adult Swim released a new track and announced a weekly series of new music from DOOM called The Missing Notebook Rhymes, and today they deliver the second installment in the series. This one is called "True Lightyears," it features the elusive Jay Electronica, and it comes with the announcement of the first KMD album in almost 25 years. Crack In Time is on the way.

According to Jason DeMarco, senior vice president and creative director at Adult Swim, DOOM's been staying busy on several projects that he's working on simultaneously, so don't be surprised if you start hearing a lot more of him in the near future. Then again, don't be surprised if you don't. Because, you know, he's MF DOOM.

Also, if you're looking for more DOOM content check out a few of our favorite deep cuts below: