Between fraud convictions and Wu-Tang albums, Martin Shkreli cannot get out of the news. On August 4th, The Daily Caller’s Alex Pfeiffer tweeted out another Shkreli gem, explaining how Shkreli got his hands on Lil Wayne's unreleased album, Tha Carter V.

We reached out to Pfeiffer to clarify the details and he told us, “Martin told me that Lil Wayne sold his Bugatti Veyron to some guy. The guy then discovered CDs and assorted personal belongings of Wayne in the car. [The guy] called Wayne and asked if he wanted them back and Wayne said 'no.' One of these CDs turned out to be Tha Carter V and he sold it to Shkreli.”

Unsure of how the previous Bugatti owner met Wayne, Pfeiffer does recall Shkreli playing some snippets of the album off his phone to him. With the party happening in January, there’s not much of the snippets he remembers.​ 

Pfeiffer’s had this story in his pocket for a while, as Shkreli reportedly told him in person at The Daily Caller's inauguration party, January 17th. He offers the following photo as evidence of their interaction.

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