A lot of rappers are gifted from birth with perfect names to pursue a rap career, but few have the honor of being named Kush. Long Island, New York rapper Kush.wav didn't have to do much work when it came to coming up with a rap name, but thankfully his name isn't the only thing great about him. Kush's "Parakeet on a Tree" shows a lot of promise from the rapper, who's been at it for a while now. It's his best track so far, and with how much he's been improving track by track, we're confident he'll continue to get better.

The catchy new song seems low-key at first, especially with how Kush delivers his verses, but the chorus definitely sounds like the sort of track that could go off if played at the right moment. Learning music from a young age, Kush has done a lot of experimentation to get where he's at now. Starting by learning classical singing and playing the tabla, he then progressed to saxophone until he settled into making hip-hop. While he's still got a ways to go before perfecting the formula, it's clear he's getting closer and closer track after track.

Listen to the premiere of "Parakeet on a Tree" below.

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