Dennis Graham is a musical legend in his own right. But since the massive success of his superstar son, the multi-instrumentalist is fated to go down in history as "Drake's Dad." Graham seems to have taken this all in stride—he's appeared in his son's videos and album covers, joined social media, and started making original music again.

The video of his latest effort, "Kinda Crazy," set off a firestorm of reactions. It's a foggy, sultry collaboration with famed Swedish director Nikeisha Andersson, and features Graham juggling a bevy of young starlets, dressed in a white suit and kufi. It's an intriguing piece of #content, one we thought the people of New York City would appreciate. Or hate. Or dress up like an astronaut about. Our latest episode of Angelito in the Streets is here, and if that doesn't fulfill your daily dose of Dennis Graham, check out our interview with Andersson.

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