Suffolk County put Cousin Stizz on the map in 2015. MONDA made him one of Boston's major artists in 2016. And this month Stizz released One Night Only, his third project in as many years and his biggest, most polished product yet. 

Stizz signed with RCA in 2017, and the additional support shows in the final product: features from Offset ("Headlock") and G-Eazy ("Neimans Barneys") showcase Stizz's ability as a ringmaster, but he's balanced the glossy with the gritty. His longtime producer Tee-Watt is all over One Night Only, bringing the minimal, menacing production that made Suffolk County so memorable. 

For this installment of Who Is?, Stizz joined us for a trip through NYC's Chinatown. Amidst the rain and smog, we spoke about his childhood experience with schools, how he found music, and what's next. Get familiar above, and stream Cousin Stizz's One Night Only below.