New York-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jachary brings the funk and the fun on his debut EP, There's A Virus Going On. The EP is out September 12, but new single "Yellow Vision" is a buoyant taste of what's to come, Jachary's smooth vocals tap dancing over the kaleidoscopic production. The 24-year-old, originally from Boston, says the following about his new song and EP:

"Pat came over and started drumming on a jar filled halfway with water. Pip came through and laid down some synths... There's a lot of farty sounds on the project. Embarrassing farts. Relieving Farts. Silent but deadly farts. 'Yellow Vision' has the kind of farts you can laugh at with your friends."

Jachary has also worked with P&P favorite Deem Spencer on the rapper's new EP, producing on "eve's titties" alongside Pip (who is also in Jachary's live band) and Gabe Niles. You can catch Jachary live on July 28 at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY supporting Homeshake here.

Get into "Yellow Vision" now, and check out previously released "Halloween Party" below.

There's A Virus Going On Tracklist:

1. Edited Face
2. Just Adjusting
3. Halloween Party
4. Epiphany
5. There's A Virus Going On
6. Beat The Bullet
7. Panoramic View
8. Yellow Vision