LA artist Saro caught our ear last year with indie pop gems "Test" and "Looking" before releasing his impressive debut project In Loving Memory. Now, after going half of 2017 without releasing music, Saro is back with "Sky Doesn't Blue." 

A brooding work in noir-pop laced with sparse electronics and Saro's sleek yearning vocal, “Sky Doesn’t Blue” marches along a down-tempo, trance-inducing beat creating something simultaneously sad and beautiful. The track marks the start of a new chapter for Saro as he begins to roll out his first new material since his 2016 introduction.

"I wrote "Sky Doesn't Blue" in the shower. It’s dedicated to the inevitable death of novelty. How as you get older, things get harder, naiveté fades, and colors begin to dull. There's no love like the first love, and the sky will never be as blue as it once was," Saro says.

This track is the first release from Saro's forthcoming sophomore EP and it will be exciting to see what he comes with next. Check out the single below and keep scrolling to see the LA artist's concept peformance of the new track.



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