Plies waited two mothafuckin' whole days to eat Oreo's new Red Velvet cookies; and you know what? They don't even taste like red velvet.

Plies ranting in his car is some of the best content on social media, hands down. He's hilarious, passionate, and most of the time he actually makes a really good point. Today, after watching his latest video, I'm mad at Oreo too. The pain of waiting two days for something only to have it let you down is horrible. Whether it's a cookie flavor, big movie, online order, DJ Khaled song, or NBA Finals game, openly getting excited for something only to have it crush you is the worst. Plies has every right to enjoy some Red Velvet Oreos at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, and instead he was denied that.

"The shit on the bottom say 'cream cheese,' ain't no mothafuckin' cream cheese in here! The same mothafuckin' icing that's in the black and white ones!" - Plies

Just like trying to dress up a song by attaching big names and features, if it's still the same mothafuckin' icing that's in the normal ones, the people are gonna notice. Thanks Plies, I'll be sticking to regular Double Stuf even though they don't actually have double the creme.