It's easy to forget that Lorde is only 20 years old.

We've been covering her on this site since early 2013, when she was only 16 and about to transform into a global star. But even then, she seemed mature beyond her years—impressing us with sharp lyricism and a composed demeanor that allowed her to weather the storm of becoming ultra-famous as a teenager.

Now in her twenties, she admits she doesn't have it all figured out, however—returning with a project that celebrates the realities of growing up. Having broken up with her longtime boyfriend in 2015, she writes about heartbreak throughout the project, but stresses that this isn't a breakup album. “It’s a record about being alone," she tells the New York Times. "The good parts and the bad parts.”

Lorde told USA Today that she used the confusing reality of being a 20-year-old woman to her advantage, explaining, "I really reveled in this energy of being a young woman and being insane and celebrating it."

Co-written and co-produced with Jack Antonoff (of fun. and Bleachers), Melodrama finds its shape as a loose concept album that revolves around a house party, in which Lorde gracefully dances through the constantly-changing emotions of a twenty-something.

You can listen on iTunes and Apple Music or via Spotify below.

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