"It's been a long winter," London rapper Jay Prince tweeted last month, just as the days were starting to get longer and the nights a little warmer. "Finally releasing my new mixtape. Late Summers."

As the title might suggest, Late Summers takes advantage of Jay Prince's ear for melody and laid-back raps for a project perfect for lazy summer evenings. Actually, this is one of those cases when a project's cover perfectly describes the music inside. This is take-the-long-way-home with the windows rolled down rap music (even though it's coming from rainy London).

Equally adept at crafting hooks as he is spitting verses, Jay Prince is the kind of artist who could hold down a project on his own, but he shares the love, bringing in P&P favorites Aminé and Avelino as well as Axlfolie, Shakka, Fabienne, and Mahalia for guest appearances. Listen on Apple Music or via Spotify below.