Last year, an anonymous producer by the name of Pnkblnkt surprised us with his ghostly debut album, Cozy. The now 19-year-old producer returns today with a new song, coinciding with the first year anniversary of Cozy. "Chandelier" takes everything that was great about Cozy and renews it, sounding like an encore of sorts that promises even more exciting music in the near future.

When we talked to him last year, he teased, "I know I can do better." With the release of "Chandelier," it's evident he wasn't kidding. The track builds and builds before snapping near the end, with the closing moments really impressing. To coincide with the anniversary of Cozy, Pnkblnkt has also shared with us a playlist of the music that inspired the album.

"This is the playlist I listened to for inspiration during the Cozy sessions," he told us over email. "Being completely self-taught, everything I know I have either figured out myself or learned through my idols. I would put this playlist on shuffle and study it the same way directors study films or students study for class, focusing on every layer and decision in the song. I am a product of my inspirations, and this playlist is a look inside my headspace as I was making Cozy."

Listen to the premiere of "Chandelier" below, and check out a playlist of music that inspired Cozy below that.