Rich Chigga was the guest on Pharrell's OTHERtone Beats 1 Radio show this weekend. After talking through his rap names and explaining that he doesn't believe in relationship's after his failed long-distance experience, Rich Chigga had a brief chance to talk with one of his idols—Tyler, The Creator.

"Want to call him right now?" Pharrell said out of nowhere after Rich Chigga explained that he's one of his biggest inspirations.

"Dude, no way. Oh god," Rich responded. Then, Tyler got on the line and said he'd seen Rich "doing a little funny dance." Apparently driving over 80 miles an hour with one hand in his McLaren during the phone call, Tyler ended the brief call saying, "We gotta get him a black girl," when he found out it was Rich's first time in America.

Watch the full interview above (the phone call begins at the 8:15 mark).

Then, see Rich Chigga tell us his thoughts on trending topics including fidget spinners and XXXTENTACION in the video below.

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