When Nadia Tehran arrived with her debut EP on YEAR0001 last year, she arrived as a fully-formed artist with purpose. Life Is Cheap, Death Is Free made it clear what Nadia is about as an artist, pushing boundaries with the opener "Refugee" and going even further track by track. The video for "Refugee" is easily one of the most striking visuals of 2016, with Nadia shooting the video illegally in Iran with her dad. "Women in Iran aren't allowed to sing at all," she told Noisey last year.

Last week she returned with the first part of the video for "Cash Flow," which has just been given the Gud remix treatment. We haven't heard a new remix from Gud for a while, but he has been busy with some other projects. Last year he released his debut project as part of Död Mark with Yung Lean.

Speaking over email about how the remix came to be, Nadia explained, "Me and Gud have been playing around with music around the YEAR0001 Studio for quite some time now. He was also responsible for mixing the EP, so for him to make this interpretation came totally natural. We played it in Berghain (legendary Berlin nightclub) last night and the walls literally rattled.” The bass on this remix is so heavy that it can shake concrete, which is maybe the coolest thing you can say about it, really.

Listen to the premiere of Gud's "Cash Flow" remix below, and check out Nadia's fantastic 2016 EP Life Is Cheap, Death Is Free below that.

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