Philadelphia-based producer Instupendo caught our ear at the start of the year thanks to some impressive numbers, and now he's back with his debut EP. Friend of a Friend is a distillation of what makes Instupendo such an interesting producer, pairing his idiosyncratic cutesy production with guest vocals from the likes of P&P favorite Lontalius. At only 12 minutes, the EP doesn't overstay its welcome, providing a succinct example of his talents.

"Save" is one of the prettiest songs he's produced yet, but the Lontalius collaboration "Hand to Hand" might be the real highlight here. Lontalius' delicate vocals suit Instupendo's gorgeous atmospherics perfectly, so hopefully this isn't the last time these two work together. With minimal percussion, Instupendo focuses on melodies just like he did on his finest SoundCloud releases. It's skeletal stuff, but what's here is serene and worth sinking into.

Listen to the EP below and purchase it here.

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