Our What's That Song? series highlights music from commercials, movies, television, and video games. These are the songs that get stuck in our heads, whether we like it or not.​

The commercial: The new Coke commercial is called "Guess My Name" and runs internationally throughout summer 2017.

The song: The feel-good track is by Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe and it's called "Vacay." Gabe, the producer of the duo, explains:

"Well the song came about when I made the initial skeleton of the beat. Shit was dope, was thinking of shooting it to D.R.A.M because it went with his aesthetic, but then I was like, 'Naw too cliche.' So I sent it to Sunny and just said 'vacation' and she immediately activated by recording a rap verse about balling out even though at the moment she was broke af hahaha. She went on a vacay in her mind, she recorded the whole thing literally laying in bed. Now the world is hearing her wishful vacay in an international Coke summer campaign. We've been busy time traveling, collecting experiences to share with our modern world... more vibrations on the way."​​