Vasser is an emerging artist from Kent, England. Last fall the producer, songwriter, and singer shared his debut single "Whatever You Want" which already surpassed a million plays on Spotify. In December, he followed it up with the release of another mesmerizing single titled "Retract." Today, Vasser returns with his latest single "To The Wolves."

'To The Wolves" is taken Vasser's debut EP, A Telling End, which is due out in the coming weeks. Similar to his previous singles, the production on "To The Wolves" builds up in a revolving fashion that makes the record feel more mesmerizing than dizzying. The 18-year-old admits that "To The Wolves" was inspired "by a year-long relationship that was constantly proving unequal. It's also the first track I've written in which my vocals proved to be a focal point, and where the song was based around them rather than a production-led arrangement."

A demanding situation like a break-up or a draining relationship can often make the need to figure out exactly who you are as an individual feel urgent. On his latest single, Vasser seems to branch out both as an individual and an artist, as the spotlight is redirected from his production to his voice for this deeply personal song

Listen to "To The Wolves" below.


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