For many of those who grew up on Bill Nye, having witnessed his crazy (but undeniably educational) antics in his laboratory, it always comes as a bit of a surprise when news about his association with hip-hop arises. But he's the scientist who gave us this iconic image, and he's even provided Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman with a thought-provoking hook on Brinkman's song "What's Beef" ("What's Beef? / Beef is when the contrarian view / With no data supporting it still gets through"). And for his new show, Bill Nye has revealed that he enlisted none other than Tyler, the Creator to create the theme song.

"It would come on Saturday morning, before the cartoons. My favorite part was the location [...] you never really knew where the wall ended," Tyler reminisces with Bill Nye in a clip shared via The Science Guy's Twitter. Taking the original theme song as inspiration, which Tyler thinks "could be a house song" if the snares were removed, the rapper crafts an equally memorable theme for Bill Nye Saves the World. 

As to why Bill Nye chose Tyler? "He's the man. He's got the beat."  

Bill Nye Saves the World premieres on April 21 on Netflix. Watch Bill Nye and Tyler, the Creator discuss the new theme song below.