Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are finally returning as Gorillaz with their upcoming album Humanz, and as usual they've brought along a lot of guests. Grace Jones, Vince Staples, Popcaan, and Danny Brown among others turn up on the record. However, Albarn revealed in an interview with Q Magazine that there were two high-profile guests who turned down the opportunity to appear. After a "month long email exchange," Morrissey said no to appearing on the record, as did Sade.

In the interview he joked, "I don't take rejection personally," while adding that Dionne Warwick said no to appearing on Humanz, too. However, despite this unfortunate news that we were robbed of having a Gorillaz track featuring Sade, Hewlett said that a 10-episode Gorillaz TV show is currently in development. There was a Gorillaz movie in development at DreamWorks for a while, but it fell through because "it was too dark to spend a couple hundred million dollars on."

Albarn and Hewlett also talked about the absence they took from the Gorillaz project, with Albarn describing the time as a "fallow period." Albarn explained, "He basically left and I felt upset by that. I've had the same experience with Graham over the years. I get the sense that sometimes people like getting off my steamroller and doing their own thing for a while and then joining me further down the road."

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