Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see Noname perform live knows very well that she has a captivating energy that allows her to draw an audience in without doing too much. She has a quick deliver loaded with a heavy message that urges listeners to pay attention every single word. Because of this, it felt like only a matter of time before we saw get the opportunity to do her own Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

For her intimate performance, Noname and her band brought her debut mixtape Telefone to life for the small audience. Noname's unique star quality is made even more apparent as she raps lyrics about vulnerabilities, death, and sadness while still managing to make the audience laugh in between sets with her infectious joy.

The short performance featured special renditions of "Diddy Bop" and "Yesterday," as well as a medley of "Reality Check," "Casket Pretty," and "Bye Bye Baby" that she and her band put together for their tour. This performance is sure to make you put Telefone back on rotation.

Watch the full performance above.

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