Trust Fund is the musical child of English musician Ellis Jones, made up of a rotating cast of UK musicians that has included a dozen members over the years. However, Jones tells us, "In terms of recording it has usually been like halfway between a solo thing and a band thing."

Leaning in a more R&B-influenced direction than most of Trust Fund's indie rock-oriented sounds, Jones says, "I guess it was an attempt to nod towards R&B (although I also think it sounds like The Carpenters), so it feels good to know that maybe I didn't fail at that completely, and that my use of autotune has been validated at the highest level. Another genre mastered."

Played near the end of Blonded Radio Episode 005, the song's inclusion drew new ears to Jones' music—and a barrage of messages from friends. "Mainly they just said 'what' or 'fuck,'" he says. "But still it is nice to get messages." The rest of the project, We have always lived in The Harolds, is available on bandcamp and cassette.