The new Gorillaz album Humanz is just a little over two weeks away. Before the April 28 release date finally arrives, the band has revealed that they aren't done gifting fans with an incredible album rollout. As of this week, fans now have the ability to dive in deeper into the Gorillaz' world with the launch of a new app.

Last month we saw a preview of this animated world with the release of their "Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)" short film. The 360 version that allowed viewers full control to alter their focus towards any part of the house now appears to have been a preview of the new Gorillaz app.

In the new app, which is available for both iPhones and Androids, fans can use their camera phone to find floating elements that will lead them into a virtual reality tour of the band's home. Within the home, selected items will glow and reveal special features when they are tapped—including Spotify playlists, videos, articles, merch, and more.

Fans will also be invited to the Humanz House Party via the Gorillaz App. This exclusive event is expected to allow fans the chance to preview new music from the album before its official release. However, fans will have to keep a close eye to find out when that exclusive party will occur.

Watch the trailer below, and download the app for iPhone and Android.