If you heard an artist like Fukkit 10 years ago, it would have been shocking, but things are changing. There's a new class of young artists blending rap with punk, metal, and a full throttle approach, and a subgenre of rap is beginning to take shape. Fukkit is a 20-year-old artist from Miami, Florida and part of the Midnight Society collective with another artist we've covered here, Kamiyada. A lot of his songs are loud, distorted, and aggressive, but his take on MF DOOM's "Pennyroyal" highlights his more traditional skills. ​

How he got his name:

"How I settled on my name is actually a funny anecdote. Basically, a few of my friends and I got high as shit one weekend and I recorded a freestyle over my friend Sabino's shitty ass USB mic, literally the first song I had ever recorded. It was over the instrumental to MF DOOM's 'Meatgrinder,' and I'm almost positive that song was trash but at the time I was just pumped to have actually made a song. Nonetheless, I had a SoundCloud account for listening purposes but I needed to come up with a stage name for the track. Everybody sat around thinking about what I should name myself, tossing some different ideas around but none of them really any good.

"Eventually the thought was formed in my stupid high ass mind and I literally spoke aloud and said: 'Fuck it.' To which another friend of mine named Brandon responded, 'Yeha fuck it dude, we'll just think of a name later or something.' Then I explained, "'Nah. That's gonna be my name. Fukkit. Like with two K's.' It just stuck with me ever since."

On his influences:

"I grew up listening to a lot of rock music since an early ass age, I'd say maybe 11 or 12. I was listening to bands like Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, System of A Down, Tool, A Perfect Circle and more at that time. I eventually ventured out and listened to heavier bands like Slipknot, Job For A Cowboy, Pantera, Slayer, Lamb Of God. I had always bumped a little Eminem as well, before I delved deeper into rap and hip-hop. I'm still into those same bands previously mentioned, but I listen to a lot of different types of music now. It can range from Tame Impala to Toro Y Moi, to Death Grips, to less renowned names such as Syringe, Swerzie, Snubnose Frankenstein, members of Midnight Society. I think the range of my own music definitely comes from all the different types of music I've exposed myself to from an early age."  

On the music scene in Florida:

"Florida has a lot of current, emerging artists that I fuck with, but the underground music scene here is not as vibrant as it may seem. I've been to a lot of dead local shows, and also some better or even great ones, but there isn't really that kind of support system you see exemplified in ATL or Cali from this group of listeners unless you've already got some recognition. Still a lot of good music coming out of here though."​ 

Fukkit is currently working on two projects: IS THIS BEAUTY? and radioactivereactions, and planning to keep the momentum going in the next few years. "My main goal with my music is to push the envelope of this genre until it bends," he says, "and continue to exceed expectations and surpass all the boundaries of not just rap, but music in general, and to go against the grain." ​


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