Ahead of his first ever performance at Coachella, Denzel Curry has shared a new video for Imperial track "Goodnight." The track, which features frequent collaborators Nell and Twelve'Len, stemmed from Denzel's desire to "make a song to uplift the everyday people back home in my community." The David Wept-direct video for the song reflects this to some extent. "It's a lot going on in Carol City right now so I wanted to shed light on it and let them know that everything will be ok."

Despite the bright colors in the imagery, there's something of a dark undercut throughout, juxtaposing a lot of different images. Speaking about the track, Nell explained in a press release, "The song gave me a platform and the power to touch people. No matter what you go through in life there is always a way out, you just have to have hope."

Watch the video for "Goodnight" above.