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On Thursday afternoon, Chance The Rapper announced that he'll be doing something special for the follow-up to his Magnificent Coloring World event: His very biggest fans will be invited first.

"#MCW2 in Chicago this Sat," he tweeted. "I'm only sending invites to the folks who know all the words. Check your emails tmw AM."

Today, fans started tweeting screenshots of invites they received from Chance, showing how he managed to pull this off. Using data from SoundCloud, an algorithm identified the top 0.001% of Chance's listening base (presumably from the Chicago area) and invited them to the event first.

The emails reveal that the event will take place in the Chicago area this Saturday (April 8) at a secret location. No other information is available yet, but if it's anything like last year, it should be a special moment for fans. Read our recap from last year here and continue for screenshots from some of Chance's lucky (and most dedicated) fans below.

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