London-based five-piece Babeheaven are about to set off on their latest tour across the UK, so in anticipation for the tour they've released a new song featuring No Ceilings alumni Deem Spencer. "Your Love" doesn't sound like the type of track Deem would jump on, but he does a brilliant job with his appearance regardless. Babeheaven provide a luscious bed of sound, and it's dream-like when vocalist Babeheaven vocalist Nancy kicks off the chorus.

Deem, who is one of the most exciting NYC rappers around right now, is a perfect fit for the track. His verse, however brief, suits the gentle atmospherics of the track beautifully. Hopefully he'll continue to surprise us with collaborations like this in the near future, because there's nothing better than a rapper looking to experiment with different artists.

Listen to the gorgeous track below.

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