Back in 2015 Ratking's Wiki released his debut solo project with Lil Me, proving that he was just as potent on his own as he is with others. Featuring a number of collaborations with guests such as Antwon, Skepta, and many more, Wiki expanded his horizons a little bit with the project. Now he's back with a new track entitled "Icarus," and it absolutely delivers as we've come to expect with Wiki.

The stark video, which was produced by Matt Lubansky and shot by Jonah Shwartz, sees Wiki trekking through a snowy park interspersed with lo-fi clips of him hanging with friends and performing. It's a back-to-basics approach that works really well with the hard track. Wiki might be one of the best rappers out right now, and "Icarus" makes it hard to dispute such a claim. Taking to twitter, Wiki promised that there's "more to come," so hopefully we don't have to wait much longer for his next project.

Watch the video for "Icarus" above.

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