Plumes of smoke billow across the screen as Rachel Foxx launches into "TO YOU," the first video from last year's Blue Moon EP. The 23-year-old is from East London, Hackney, and has a voice that sounds well beyond her years.

"I used to hate talking about love and feelings in real life so I would just write about it privately," Foxx told us. "I usually write about depressing stuff, but this song is different, its about excitement, and still being fascinated by love, still having faith, no matter how many times you have been fucked over in the past. It’s my favorite song on my Blue Moon EP."

The video, directed by Chris Chance, is a moody collage of colors, shadow, and smoke. It's a stark, stirring debut video for the young artist, and could be the start of a huge year for Rachel Foxx—she's embarking on her first string of live shows in 2017 as well. Watch the video above, and follow her here.

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