Legendary label Ninja Tune dropped a couple of mysterious cassettes recently from anonymous artists That Knightsbridge OG and Dial 666 8100. Piquing interest across the internet in regards to who might be behind the releases, the label has remained quiet regarding the identity of those responsible for the tracks. Now they've released another cassette, and like the last two, it comes from another name.

"Chaos Rain" is the latest mystery cassette from Ninja Tune, coming from Bank of England. Unlike the previous tracks, "Chaos Rain" is a little more subdued, and even pretty by comparison. With the eerie ambience behind the vocal samples and feverish percussion, "Chaos Rain" is perhaps the most intriguing of the cassettes yet. Its lo-fi atmospherics recall the work of Actress, but it remains to be seen if we'll ever find out who's behind this and the other cassettes.

We still don't know if these releases are from the same person or if they're all separate entities. Regardless, it adds a sense of mystique to the proceedings that completes the sound wonderfully. What we do know, however, is that Bank of England's "Chaos Rain" is available for purchase on cassette and digital platforms here.

Listen to the premiere of "Chaos Rain" below.