Philly rapper lojii and buzzing producer Swarvy have come together to release their collab project DUE RENT on March 31 and today they're here with the latest single from the project, "do u." 

The track features vocals from both lojii and Nikko Gray and they deliver a smooth track for you to chill to as the weekend approaches. We got to talk to lojii and Swarvy about the collab as well as why they decided to make a full project together rather than just a single or two. Listen to the single via Apple Music or stream it on SoundCloud here and check out the conversation with the two artists below. 

Why did you decide to make a full project together and what do you like about working together?

Swarvy:  We decided to do an album when lojii was short on rent one month. I lent him the doe and said we'll make it back doing an album. Working with him is easy because he finds pockets and brings meaning to tracks that I probably never would've done anything with on my own.

What does this track mean to you?

lojii:  This jawn is all about my life being grimy but still finding it beautiful. I wrote this jawn to remind myself to find the beauty in my own world & to keeping doing me, instead of getting lost comparing my life to someone else's. The hustle is all about perspective.

Swarvy: ...all I can [add to that is that] I made the beat on Christmas Day on TV speakers in lojii's living room. Same day we made the instrumentals for "dukkits" and "due rent" [from this album] and "Driftin'" (from Elderberry). 

Can you talk about the project overall and the concept behind it?

lojii:  In that same theme, this project is all about perspective. It's about being a broke, non-white artist in the United SnaKKKes, finding the beauty in that struggle, and being fearless against the odds stacked against you.




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