We're still figuring out exactly how we feel about Lil Peep (who has been steadily building a large internet following) but seeing his name alongside alternative rock band the Pixies in Yuri Beats' new mashup "Where Is My Wine?" was something we had to check out. It sounded like it could be a train wreck, to be honest.

Then Lil Peep and Lil Tracy's angsty crooning from "White Wine" came in over the iconic piano of the Pixies' Fight Club-soundtracking "Where Is My Mind?" and we had to hit the replay button as soon as it ended. Why the hell does this work so well? 

"Watching Lil Peep and Lil Tracy do their thing in the White Wine video really brought me back to a simpler time in my life," Yuri tells us. "What they're expressing really resonated with where I was at as a pissed off kid (who happened to be listening to the Pixies a lot)."

Explaining why he wanted to pull the Pixies into Lil Peep's world, Yuri continues, "I think everyone engages with art when they're adrift in that drug addled ennui of adolescence in the hope that they might see some part of themselves reflected back. I know that Fight Club was a major adolescent touchstone for a whole generation of lost boys and I've always associated 'Where is my Mind' with that film and that period of my life."

"I guess I wanted to thread the needle from that era of confused kid to this current movement of disaffected youth," Yuri adds. "I think a lot of people who might have a negative reaction to some of today's more experimental rap movements have forgotten how powerful it can be to see your own emotions, in all of their messy glory, reflected back in art, especially during liminal stages of development."

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