It's still early for Dallas rapper/producer FXXXXY, but now is a good time to start paying attention. He began buzzing late last year with the Cartel Shawty EP and standout single "20 Taliband," but his recent releases—"Lip Service 6" and the Zane Lowe-premiered "Beep Beep"—show a clear evolution. Often for new artists, the first singles from a project are the outliers, a step up from anything else on the project, but FXXXXY's Flawed Up Shawty EP is on point from start to finish. 

Flawed Up Shawty shows FXXXXY's range of talents with meticulous production, memorable hooks, and agile flows. It also walks the line between a murky undergound vibe and more pop-leaning accessibility. FXXXXY is operating in his own lane and has yet to get a public superstar co-sign or a big-name collaboration, but Flawed Up Shawty is the first look at a talented new artist coming into his own, and if he keeps progressing at this rate, big things should follow.

"Flawed Up Shawty is me trying to stay sane and avoid the darkness that this type of recognition swallows people in," FXXXXY explains about the project. "It's me trying to cope with losing a relationship with somebody that held me down for so long and shooting shots at everybody who's been sneak dissing as if we don't see them. It's a lot more aggressive and less caring—letting the listener hear my flaws and things that's not attractive. 'Flawed up' is slang for having this strong confidence even though you're not beautiful to the world or maybe looked at as not valuable. It's a reaction to whatever situation you find yourself in. It's making ugly beautiful because you have no choice."

Listen to the full project below.


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