London keeps delivering with new artists, from rap and R&B to electronic and soul, and today we've got another rising singer for you to become obsessed with. EMIL has worked with British producers The Heavytrackerz and even charted in the U.K. in 2015 as a featured artist on Joe Weller's track "Wanna Do," but "Hero" is her debut solo single.

“The song is about being in the real world but chasing a fairytale," EMIL explains, and the moody track also features grime heavyweight P Money, who delivers a male perspective on the song's post-breakup feelings. P Money's verse here almost acts like a precursor to his recent feature on Mr. Mitch's "Priority," which focuses on the positives of having a child, so make sure you check that out when you're done bumping EMIL's "Hero."

Listen to the track below and follow EMIL on Twitter here and SoundCloud here.