Fresh off the heels of his energetic performance at our No Ceilings show at SXSW earlier this month, Denzel Curry returns today to share a new spin on some familiar records. Curry recently stepped in the studio with BadBadNotGood to record a live performance of his singles "Ultimate" and "Sick & Tired." 

Curry's single "Ultimate" became a massive viral hit as it found itself in thousands of memes within the last year. Although many of us are already very familiar with the record, hearing that hard-hitting production recreated with live instruments makes it sound like a completely new song. While the new version of "Sick & Tired" during this live session allows Curry to showcase more melody in his vocals for the chorus.

Both BadBadNotGood and Denzel Curry have proven time and time again that they are versatile enough to collaborate with just about anyone for a great record. And yet, these new reworks of Curry's well-known singles still come as an incredible surprise.

Listen to both songs below.