St. Louis rapper Cory Miller has been at it for a while now, frequently flirting with finding his voice in hip-hop. With the Sir Eddie C-featuring "Objects," he's found what works for him with his best track yet. The low-key Sun Yehoshua-produced track features a understated delivery from Miller, who really cements his talent with the hypnotic chorus. Despite the sleepy qualities the track posses, "Objects" feels lively thanks to both Miller and Eddie's lyrics.

The solemn self-directed video, which was shot by Bloom collaborator Jessica Page, depicst the tone of the track itself wonderfully well. Simple and never flashy, the video does what it needs to do and accompanies the sound well. It provides a daydream-like quality that matches up with what's going on in the track itself, proving that Miller knows what he's doing when it comes to visuals, too.

Watch the premiere of the video above.

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