Ameer Vann has been killing it with his recent string of songs, showcasing that he's a little more versatile than he initially let on. Aside from standout moments on Brockhampton's debut mixtape All-American Trash and their recent single "Cannon," Ameer's solo output has been progressively getting more and more inventive. From "Sincerly, Yours" onwards, he;s just continued to improve, shooting off in a considerably different direction from that of his older material.

Now his latest, "High Tolerance" continues this turned by doubling down on prettier sounds. Laced with guitars and pretty synths, the Romil and Froyo Ma-produced "High Tolerance" is simplistic enough that the focus here lays solely on Ameer's lyrics. His delivery, as usual, is fantastic. Capable of making either the most mundane of topics sound exciting, Ameer shines on "High Tolerance."

The creative video deserves props, too. Framed as an anti-drug PSA, Ameer puts his acting on display once more, although he plays quite a different role in this than he did in Kevin Abstract's striking video for "Runner." The video and song might be a little bit on the short side, but we're eager to see where he's headed next after this. Judging from the last handful of songs he's released, it's likely he'll best himself once again in the near future.

Watch the entertaining video above.