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After killing our No Ceilings show at Rough Trade last month, we've been waiting to see what Twelve'Len would release next. The Florida artist returned this week with "Sixteen" and the Zach Fogarty-produced record sounds incredible.

Twelve'Len went into great detail explaining the record when he told us, "I observed something strange that really struck me a few days before getting into this record. I was sitting at a college and I saw a young couple that seemed to be in love, and I watched the way they interacted for a while. It took me back to a time in my life- much younger than I am now. They were appearing to be so into each other, that the way they were interacting felt fake even as if they were just trying to convince each other (and themselves) that they are in love. Then I saw an older couple just moments later. They were years ahead the previous couple, but in my eyes, it wasn't their age that made them less affectionate or any less in love just because they weren't smothering each other. They told they had been married for 33 years. It amazed and baffled me, and made me question what love is. And how love is supposed to act. But before all of that, I was in a situation with a girl. She felt that if I didn't hold her hand in public I was ashamed of her or loved her less. That shit's crazy.

Zach producing and mixing a record like this made me want to gift it to the world and to my fans who will be at the Red Bull Sound Select show February 24." 

Check out "Sixteen" below. 


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